Shipping And Delivery

Shipping is based on weight and destination. There are 2 options for shipping packages that weigh up to 2kgs- standard small package air mail (no tracking) or EMS express shipping (which comes with tracking and insurance). Packages over 2kgs are sent EMS express shipping.


1) Do you ship to my country?

    We ship to 165 countries. If you don’t see your country when checking out, please contact us and we can discuss if shipping to you is an option (some countries make it virtually impossible). 


2) How will you ship my package?

    There are 2 choices available for packages under 2kgs: regular small package air mail (expected to arrive in about 2 weeks but can take longer) or EMS express mail which comes with insurance and a tracking number (expected to arrive within about 1 week). You can choose between these options when checking out. 

For packages over 2kgs, they will automatically be sent EMS express mail. 


3) When do you ship?

     We ship 2-3 times a week most likely on Tuesdays and Fridays. 


4) My package hasn’t arrived. What do I do?

     If you haven’t received your package after 5 weeks, please get in touch with us and we will discuss what to do. In most cases, that means either resending the items, or giving a refund. It really can take this long sometimes so please try to be patient.

Orders shipped via EMS express shipping typically arrive within 1 week so please be in touch if it hasn't arrived in 10 days.


5) Something arrived broken. What do I do?

     Please get in touch with us right away. We will either resend it or give a refund. We will need pictures in order to file a claim with our post office. This is very rare as we pack really well!