Japanese Soft Candy Making Kit Bento Lunch Style

Japanese Soft Candy Making Kit Bento Lunch Style
Item# japanese-soft-candy-making-kit-bento-lunch-style

Product Description

This is very cool! This kit is a bento lunch kit meaning you can make cute bento style soft candy. The flavors for this kit are yogurt, strawberry, green grape and purple grape. Everything is included except water and a little bento box to present the candy in.

It comes with 4 different colored liquid candy, 1 tray mold, a fork, an icing bag, a pack of "furikake" (you use this to make the faces on the "rice" balls" and a pack of sprinkles that look like carrots and peas to top your candy spaghetti with.

What you see on the package is what you will make.

How to make the candy:

Take a look at the back of the box. It shows a diagram of the tray...and it shows to cut the upper left corner of the tray off-this makes a cup that you will need to make the candy. This cup holds the amount of water you need to add to make the candy.

1) To make broccoli On the tray, below the panda shaped mold there is a broccoli mold. Add water to the cup you cut off the tray. Pour the water into the broccoli mold, then add the pack of candy that has green lettering. Using the fork supplied, mix the candy and the water to make a paste-smooth it out. Wait 3 minutes and it will harden so you can remove it.

2) To make tamago yaki (Japanese egg roll). The mold for this is the bottom left corner of the tray....it is long. Add water to the cup you cut off the tray and then pour the water into the mold and add the packet with the yellow writing to the mold mix the water and candy with the fork. Try to make it smooth on top.Wait 3 minutes and it will harden. Then using the fork, roll it up like a roll cake and remove it (check the back of the box for pictures).

3)To make the octopus shaped sausage the mold for this is the bottom right hand corner. Fill the cup you cut from the tray with water, add it to the mold. Then add the packet with the red writing to the water and mix with the fork. Wait 3 minutes and it will harden and you can take it out.

4)To make panda shaped rice ball First, find the rectangle mold on the tray-it is in the upper right corner of the tray. Add 2 cups of water (cup meaning the little cup you cut off the tray) to the tray. Then add the packet with the blue writing to the mold and mix until the powder is dissolved.Please becareful when adding and mixing the powder to the water...you want it all in the water. Wait about 5 minutes or until hardened then cut into 2 squares. Then make one square into a triangle (like a rice ball shape). The other square...take off 2 little bits and make slightly oval balls (these are the panda's ears)...then shape the rest of that square into a circle...this is the panda's head. On the tray there is a panda face mold...take the packet with the black writing...carefully add the black candy powder to the indents....the eyes, the nose and mouth (this will make the panda face on the white candy circle so please try to get the powder only in the right spots). DON'T USE ALL THE BLACK POWDER CANDY FOR THE FACE. Now, add the big white round candy to the panda mold...you will push it in and the black powder will be added to make the face!

Now, add a bit of black powder (not all...you still need some for another part of this kit) candy to the panda ear molds. Then add the small oval white candy and press down to add the black powder.

5)To make the triangle rice ball Take the rest of the black powder candy and sprinkle it into the "nori" mold (this mold is the small rectangle mold found above the long rectangle mold). Take the white triangle candy that you made and push the bottom of the triangle into the mold...this will make it look like your rice ball has seaweed on it.

6) To make spaghetti In the same mold you made the rice ball (upper right hand corner rectangular mold) add 2 cups of water (the little cup you cut from the tray) and the orange packet and mix well. Then scoop the candy into the the icing bag, cut a little...very little...hole in one of the corners of the bag. On the plate or in the bento box you are using to present the candy in, squeeze the bag and squish the candy to make it look like spaghetti. Then, open the "toppings" packet (it is more of a rectangle shape pack) and sprinkle the spaghetti with the "carrots and peas".

Arrange the candy anyway you like to make it look like a cute bento lunch!

This is an excellent way to spend time with your kids!

On the package it states that all the colors are made from natural sources such as vegetables!

29 grams of candy are included. Expiry date is April 2015